Princess Deformation Meter (2024)


Princess Sheng Tao Tao of Sheng Xuan Kingdom is an upright and kind-hearted person, but because of her rebellious behaviors, which are incomprehensible to people, she causes the emperor a lot of headaches and is sent back to her fiefdom, Qingcheng, to reflect on her growth story. Qingcheng was originally a rich and fertile place, famous for its garment-making culture, but as the young and strong gradually went out to work, leaving only the elderly and children to guard their homes, the skill of garment-making was gradually lost. Sheng Tao Tao was born with a love of beauty, and when she was relegated to the fiefdom, she witnessed the old people’s unique dressmaking skills and resolved to promote them. After Sheng Tao Tao’s series of actions, the court issued an order on old age care, innovating a series of old age care practices. Spreading the culture of respecting and loving the elderly in old age and filial piety and opening up re-work opportunities for the elderly, the experience and craftsmanship of the elderly were stimulated to produce gorgeous garments, which reactivated Qingcheng’s business and trade, attracting many young people back to work, and causing Qingcheng to prosper again.

Also known as: Gong Zhu Bian Xing Ji 公主變形記


Status: Ongoing

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