Re: Revenge – Yokubo no Hate ni (2024)


Tendo Kaito is the son of the chairman of Tendo Memorial Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the nation. Due to a bad relationship with his father, he did not become a doctor. Kaito now works as a magazine reporter. He is busy with his job and he also about to propose to his girlfriend. One day, he then learns that his father got involved in an incident. He goes to his estranged father’s hospital. Due to the incident, Kaito becomes to know his father’s true intentions and he remembers the precious promise made with his father in the past. Kaito learns of the various problems hidden in the hospital left by his father and of the power struggle about to take place for the chairman position. Kaito decides to fight against the power struggle to take back the precious things his father built and to protect the ones who he loves.

Director: Kanai Ko

Also known as: Re: Revenge - At the End of Desire Re: Revenge - In the End of Desire Re: Ribenji - Yokubou no Hate Ni


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: ,

Starring: , , , , ,

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